Senator Heller Regarding the hero whistleblower Edward Snowden. We will do everything in our power to help that young man. We are in the IT business and his words ring dead on true as to the state of NSA snooping in the US and around the world. As regional internet providers we have known about […]

  Got a speeding ticket the other day, that in itself is no big deal. The $135 bucks it will most likely cost me is not an issue. The thing that irked me no end is the difference between the 1970’s when I got my last moving violation and today. The way the Nevada Highway […]

Elon Musk is that rare man. Capitalist, hero and visionary. His work in bringing back Tesla from the dead has changed the rules in the automotive world. Tesla already had considerable influence before Mr Musk took over. Bob Lutz credited Tesla with making the case to the GM board to proceed with Voltec technology. With […]

It’s time for California to secede and become a free state. I know you think I am crazy but California is an amazing place. I was born there my family still lives there. When I was young the combination of the fabulous weather, superb educational system and natural beauty led us who grew up there […]

A little story. The following is being told exactly as I remember it I ever since I was a boy always felt a unease regarding the Kennedy Assassination. The following experience only cemented my resolve to understand everything I could about the questions surrounding the events in Dallas on that fall day. In the early […]

Tiffany and I are advocates of four electrical power sources. Hydro-electric. Small scale solar, Large scale solar and Thorium reactors. Some explanation is in order. Frankly we like hydro power. It is essentially solar energy utilized as rainfall captured and it’s latent energy captured as falling water. I am a little tired of the luddites […]

  The Bush Disaster of 911 and the decimation of American Civil liberties. This will be the most difficult of posts on this website. I will post it as I am editing, This post will be difficult for many to read and will challenge some closely held perceptions. First let me start that I no […]

In another life I was a stockbroker/analyst for a firm in San Francisco. It was a great job and I meet some very interesting people. l remember a saying that was well known at the time. ” you never know a person until you have dealt with their money” I have had the privilege to […]

Something I have been wanting to write about for years. The Kennedy assassination. I was eight years old when the president was murdered. Although young I can still remember my mother crying when I got out of school. It was the the third grade Mrs Purtles class at Twin Hills elementary school. It was my […]

First a disclaimer. I did not expect to like the Nissan Leaf. I considered it an ugly mutt of a car and I found the interior design almost comically bizarre. Then I friday I drove one for the first time.  A friend of ours and fellow EV enthusiast named Earl Case brought his Leaf SL […]